Central Florida Docks/decks 8

Using a dogleg in the walkway allowed us to move between the trees, which will be very attractive as they mature. It also helped us to carefully position the terminal platform to satisfy both the County and the owner by having it placed within inches of the setback from the neighbor’s riparian property lines. Precision like that in marine construction only comes from years of experience, a steady hand, and judicious use of a good surveyor who’s not afraid to get his feet wet! Again this client opted for the Trex Transcend Classic Earth Tones series for this dock beautiful project. A double jet ski slip set parallel to the bank and a perpendicular boat slip allowed us to maximize the client budget, by shortening the length of the walkway as the skis can launch into shallower water. Always thinking creatively to give the best looking finished product whilst keeping within budget gives Lakefront Contractors the Creative Edge!

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