We offer a variety of services from making an assesment of location, land, options to engineering, city permitting and educated suggestions for final end-product.

img_serv_1Docks & Decks


Our docks are built to the highest engineering standards that can withstand even the harshest Florida weather. All of our engineering meets or exceeds building code requirements, every time. Choose from one of our 5 design renditions or have a fully custom design drafted for a truly unique project. We can even design and build your dock around the dimensions of your boat. With each site plan, we conduct a 100 year study of the water depth tables. We know the highs and lows of the water level. Your dock will never be flooded, or have unusable shallow water.

We pull all needed permitting, handle environmental agencies, and navigate any and all submissions to your community’s planning review board. We got this!



Seawalls give you more usable land. Seawalls hold back soil and act as a barrier from water pulling the soil into the water, causing erosion and property loss. A seawall is comprised of several items which are all critical in the long term performance of the structure. In the past, seawalls and bulkheads made of chemically treated wood, concrete, or steel deteriorated quickly in the marine environment. Now, property owners around the globe are enjoying picturesque, long lasting seawalls made of advanced plastics, composites, and marine grade aluminum.

We pull all needed permitting, handle environmental protection agencies, and Navigate any submissions to your community’s planning/review board.

img_serv_3Design / Engineering


We want to make your life, an Outdoor Life! All designs are professional rendered by a skilled architect. Choose from a pre-designed rendition, or we’ll draft a purely custom design that fits your lifestyle and needs. Along with superior engineering, our docks and decks are designed to look like an extension of your home, not an after thought.

We have Options Galore!

img_serv_4Feasibility Studies


A Feasibility Study assess the practicality of building a dock/deck on your property. Taking into account the local codes and EPA regulations we can asses the viability of building a dock on your property. Feasibility studies never expire, as long as no major changes occur to your property.

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